The Events Center of Red del Vino is located in Palmilla near Santa Cruz. Within this event space, you will find the perfect blend of tranquility, and countryside beauty to compliment many occasions including weddings, christenings, special celebrations and corporate events. In total there are 7 hectares of vineyards along with a large open area for people to mix and mingle and have an elegant cocktail. There is also a swimming pool and a covered dining area with an outdoor oven and grill for barbecues.

All in one lovely place, the events center has everything you need to make a celebration unique and unforgettable.

Space and Capacity

Our Events Center is a lovely location that stands out for its elegance and style. Given it’s size, it can hold 50 to 200 people.

The space includes:

• Oven / Grill / Rustic Barbecue
• Dance floor
• Garden
• Inner courtyard
• Swimming pool
• Private parking
• Bathrooms


The Events Center has a team of experts that provides high standards to create top notch events for your special celebration. They can provide the following services:

• Advice / Consulting
• Furniture
• Tableware
• Glassware