Red del Vino in Colchagua Valley, Chile is committed to helping small wine producers, their families and the preservation of their culture. Our mission is to also contribute to improving the quality of life in rural communities throughout Chile.

FLO Fairtrade Certification assures that our wine producers are given a fair price for their grapes, which in turn gives them an opportunity to better the lives of their families and their community.

We help our wine producers by assessing their needs and providing them with continuous training opportunities to better manage and operate their vineyards.

Our wine producers are an integral part of the rural communities in Colchagua Valley. As part of that community, Red del Vino is always looking for ways to build stronger communities.


Red del Vino has a proud history of outreach among the region. We actively participate in community events, festivals, relief programs, and provide support in catastrophes like the 2010 earthquake.

Preserving and promoting our cultural heritage is a key factor in maintaining our traditions and is the cornerstone of our success. Red del Vino is actively working to document the life history of our wine producers and share it with the world.

Part of Fairtrade certified is educating the public to the importance of Fairtrade and its impact on our wine producers. Red del Vino is continuously promoting Fairtrade locally and internationally through its presentation and networking events.