We want to be part of the change for a more sustainable world, we are small producers in the Colchagua Valley, we want to maintain our ecosystems and preserve our local culture.
We are working on sustainable projects that impact our local community and are an example to motivate caring for the environment.
Help us to be part of the solution and not the problem.



We are developing organic agriculture diagnostics throughout the local countryside in order to establish the gaps to be reached in the medium term and long term conversion.

We will start with a pilot area from our small producers to convert a field into organic agriculture in three years which will serve as an example in leading the organic conversion.

We are also creating capacities and skills of organic agriculture for the small producers of Colchagua, Chile, through training, field activities and technological tours.


We currently have solar panels at our commercial office, which provides renewable energy at our facility.

We are showing our clients and community that we too can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.

Since the beginning of this renewable energy project in 2021 we have achieved a reduction of 2,025 kilograms of carbon dioxide.


We created a recycling area in our wine store to store empty wine bottles, in order to encourage our producers, customers and community to contribute to recycling.

Since the beginning of this recycling project in 2021 we have collected 50 kilos of recycled glass, achieving a reduction of 16 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

The protection of nature, waste management and concern about climate change are priority factors for our company.


Caring for nature is a fundamental principle for the small producers of Colchagua.

Maintaining biodiversity in rural communities and within vineyards to maintain healthy ecosystems that directly influence productive areas are very important to our company.

We recognize and value the importance of native ecosystems and their processes in our production activities, for this reason we have developed a book on local flora and fauna to support their conservation.


Young people recognize Climate Change as an ongoing phenomenon, with a risk of impact on people’s lives, ecosystems and productive processes. At Red del Vino we want to work to incorporate these young people as a new force for sustainable change.

We will implement organic gardens in their rural communities for the promotion of healthy life and the development of projects that promote the production of organic food for family and tourist food.

For us, care for the environment and the families of Red del Vino are fundamental, we believe that organic agriculture is essential to achieve cultural change and healthier people.


The objective is to strengthen and increase the infrastructure of the route of small producers of the Colchagua Wine Network to offer greater points of interest and more accessible routes for cycling and hiking activities.

We want to differentiate ourselves as a more sustainable and ecological wine route, friendly to the environment, respecting the flora and fauna of rural localities, as well as contributing to their preservation and social awareness of their care.