The associates of Red del Vino recognize that the earth is what gives them the resources to produce grapes and wine – products for the sustenance of the family and it is for this reason they are committed to the care of this earth and its environment.

Currently, Red del Vino and its partners rely on environmental managers and advisers to support the development of the different activities that include the management and care of the environment.

• To ensure good agricultural practices as well as deliver the best recommendations to the partners under a good management to avoid potential sources of contamination.
• To perform annual visits to each of the partners to assess the degree of compliance on environmental issues, and also to give recommendations for compliance if needed.

At Red del Vino we use environmentally friendly supplies:

• 100% recycled and recyclable paper labels.

• 100% recycled cardboard boxes

• Eco-Glass bottles that are 13% lighter.

The organic waste that derive from the winemaking process is converted into compost (organic material) and used as fertilizer in the vineyards then returned to the ground for their nutrients.

The irrigation in the vineyards of Red del Vino is traditional. The water used in the winemaking process are treated to restore cleanliness.